miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2015

Maria Lamana

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I would to present the charming Made in Italy arm candy by Maria Lamanna. Established in Parma in 2012, the brand was born from the creative spirit of the designer. Remaining true to the Made in Italy tradition, the brand proposes unique creations that combine rhythm and energy while at the same time maintain a feminine elegance. The simplicity of each model, the iconic details, the use of prestigious materials and the excellence of its Italian production give life to a product that is both luxurious and audacious. All of the designer’s delightful pieces are available worldwide on her online boutique www.marialamanna.com.

From London to Milan, New York to Paris, top influencers such as Patricia Manfield, Sandra Hagelstam and Xenia Tchoumitcheva were spotted wearing Maria Lamanna’s bags by the most esteemed street style photographers. 

Attached please find Maria Lamanna’s lookbook and some street style looks form September’s Fashion Week. Here, please find the link to the brand's still life images. Also, please note that her bags are available for fashion shoots. 

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